Kod ribiča

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About us

In Jasenovac, only 7km from Novska (A3-highway exit) is situated a restaurant "Kod Ribiča".
At the entrance of Lonja field, surrounded by an abundance of cultural and natural sights, it is simply
unerring point to visitors and tourists.

Family Juric is in the catering for almost four decades, since 1973. when the first object was opened.

If you crave for Posavina specialties, if you are looking for a good wine, if you need a place to
celebrate or you just want to spend a pleasant time with your friends and family, you found the right
place. The restaurant has his own parking for approximately 30 cars. The interior of the restaurant
with 60 seats (and a separate hall of 20) is suitable for wedding dinners, various other celebrations or
for business meetings in separated smaller room. In a separate room from 20 seats you can enjoy the
fireplace and bread oven.

Juric family's tradition of hospitality obliges us to be a guarantee of your having fun with us with
mutual satisfaction.
We are generously at your service!

The owners and staff of restaurant "Kod Ribiča"

Contact us

UTO "Kod Ribiča"

Vladimira Nazora 24,
44324 Jasenovac,
044 672 066

Mon-Sat08h do 22h

Sun11h to 18h